Candidate Detail

Sales Agronomist

Candidate Reference: Sales Agronomist - 43921370


  • Qualification: B. Ag.Sc
  • Work Type: Permanent / Full Time
  • Interview Availability: Available on Request
  • Start Availability: 2 Months Notice

Experieinced agronomist responsible for providing advice regarding farm profitability involving crops, pastures and livestock
 Crop and pasture nutrition
 Soil health
 Weed, pest and disease identification and control
 Timing of farm operations
 Seasonal farm planning including budgeting and gross margins
 Animal health and nutrition
 Large capacity for problem solving to achieve desired outcomes regarding individual paddock and whole farm productivity and profitability.
 Identification of issues including in person assessment and using digital technologies
 Utilisation of new innovations and technologies for more precise data capture to limit area variability and refine results
 Analysis of tests such as soil and plant tissuedata capture of yields and performance
 Identification and prioritisation of key areas of focus to strategically increase profitability over time whilst minimising risk
 Proficient product procurement and inventory management experience
 Ability to work as a team to meet short deadlines in a fast-paced environment over long periods of time


Contact: Asher Hammond (B.Ag.Sc)

1300 668 226