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Graduate Employment Tips


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Keep it real with your resume – get a recruiter to check it out.





Resume format should be:

Your contact details

Your education

Your professional development

Your Uni practicums

Outside of Uni Work – Mature aged graduate

Other: - Hobbies, other languages.

Referees: 2 x professional – practicum, employment,

Keep on-point -  the Employer knows you’re a graduate so best way to sell yourself is your skills summary from placements or degree or work history

Don’t write essays - KISS

Copies of degree, professional registration, photo ID, migrant or international student.

Probity check:

Be aware of social media – remove inappropriate personal posts from all social media pages


If they are dealing with a recruiter:

  1. Be Honest – tell them everywhere that you have applied for a job -
  2. Keep a track of their applications – they are the loser – it makes them look bad
  3. Recruiter needs to tell them where their resume is going
  4. Automated email – not acceptable
  5. Need to get a phone call from a professional recruiter


What to do to prep for interview:

Transferable skills:

Don’t be late!

Unprofessional attire, poorly groomed

Linked in – know your interviewer

Behavioural interview technique - Format for interview questions:

Company knowledge – company website

Job knowledge – what is your understanding of the job

 - HR questions,

Mock interviews – mates, mirror

Strengths and weaknesses

Behavioural interview technique

Questions prepared – salary, leave, maternity packages – training, career path.

Ask them for the job


Call your recruiter and give them feedback – doing all the work on your behalf that you would normally have to do on their own. Partner.